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Adding Reflective Roofing To Your Wichita Business Can Benefit You

Most business owners never consider the fact that increasing the reflectivity of your roof can reduce cooling costs. By reflecting away more of the suns rays, the temperature of the roof is reduced greatly. This in turn, yields energy savings in the building below due to the reduced costs associated with lower temperatures.

Reflecting roofing is relatively inexpensive to install. This is especially true when compared to other roofs, such as metal roofing, that can also have a high reflectivity rating.

How Reflective Roofing Saves Energy & Money

With reflective roofing installed on your Wichita place of business, you can lower your cooling costs by up to 40%. GM systems is a specialist in coatings that add reflectivity to a new or existing roof. It’s simple. Heat that is reflected off of the top of your building cannot pass through to the interior. GM systems offers commercial roof repairs in Wichita with a ten year warranty.

Types Of Commercial Roofs Coatings Are Suitable For

Coatings are ideal for any flat or low slope system. Call now for expert analysis of the type of coating that will work best for your building and substrate. GM systems favors Silicone and Metal Restoration (MR) systems for metal roofs but we can provide other solutions when, and if, they are more suitable to your needs.

Roof Coatings Can Be Applied To Most Any Type Of Commercial Roof Material

There is a coating for nearly all types of roofing materials. Some of the most typical examples of such surfaces include: asphalt, gravel, metal, BUR, and concrete. These area all roofing materials commonly found on flat and low slope types that are incredibly common on the commercial roofs of businesses in the Wichita area.

Does your roof leak? Would you like to reduce your cooling bill?

Contact GM systems today! We offer the best in commercial roof coatings in Wichita and the surrounding region. We provide free estimates and back our roof coating with a 10 year guarantee!

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