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Silicone Coatings For Commercial Roofs in Wichita

Best Silicone Coatings for Commercial Roofs in Wichita

GM systems is a leader in the commercial roofing business in Wichita. We specialize in roof coatings: a product which can save you thousands of dollars in repairing a leaky or damaged roof.

We offer ten year warranties against leaks and free estimates. Silicone coatings can make your roof functionally water proof saving your business equipment and inventory from necessary and avoidable water damage.

Silicone coatings can be applied to many kinds of roofs commonly used on commercial buildings in Wichita. Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped roof, we have a solution for you. Consider that silicone coatings can be applied to nearly any type of surface.

If you have specialized needs that silicone coatings can not meet, we offer other types of roof coatings that will likely meet your needs.

Benefits of Using Silicone Coating on your Wichita Commercial Roof

Silicone does not decompose because it is an inert material. This means that it does not react to things in the atmosphere, such as ozone and other pollutants; industrial chemicals; or to UV rays from the sun. This is what gives it such exceptional weathering ability and durability. Performs well in ponding conditions. It resists mold, mildew and staining.

Advantages of Silicone Roof Coatings from GM Systems in Wichita

Silicone coatings is applied as a liquid allow for all seams to be covered. It dries over the course of a day to form a seamless and durable membrane. It adheres very well to all commonly used commercial roofing materials.

When applied as a liquid, the coating dries to form a seamless, durable membrane. Adhesion to various substrates is outstanding. As such silicone coatings are an excellent way to upgrade the roof of your Wichita commercial building.

Silicone Coatings can save you Money on your Energy Bills

With silicone coatings, you get a cool roof that is 87-89% reflective. This reduces cooling costs significantly. The rays of the sun are bounced back upward before they convert to heat on the surface. That reduces the heating that normally passes through to your interior. It is not unusual for customers to experience a 10% reduction in energy costs, with 30% savings not uncommon. Our product is ENERGY STAR rated cool roof technology.

GM systems offers the best Silicone Coatings in Wichita Hands Down

Would you like to stop or prevent leaks? Does reducing your energy bill while upgrading your commercial roof appeal to you? For the best silicone coatings in Wichita contact GM systems. As always, we offer 10 year warranties against leaks and free estimates. Call us today!

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