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High Solids vs Standard Solids in Roofing

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From PM Silicone:

“If you’re familiar with PM silicone roof coatings, you’ve probably seen that we manufacture both High Solids (HS) Silicone Roof Coating and Standard Solids (SS) Silicone Roof Coating. Both HS and SS silicones have unique and dedicated qualities specific to certain roofing projects. Over the next two weeks, we will look into these qualities and offer insight as to which is the proper silicone for certain jobs.

This week we will start by looking at PM’s High Solids silicone. The main benefits of HS silicone are:

  • Higher solids content
  • Single-coat application
  • Less material needed on the job
  • No pinholes or mud cracks

Higher Solids Content

The most obvious advantage to PM’s HS silicone is that it has a higher solids content. This means that there is more silicone per gallon left over on the roof after the product cures. This benefit is crucial to roofers as the thickness of the silicone coating is important for the life of the roof. The silicone thickness is also necessary for us to put a warranty on the project. Using HS silicone can help ensure a thicker, single-application roof coating on your projects.

Single-Coat Application

Another benefit to PM HS silicone is that, in most cases, you can use a single-coat application method. This can cut time down significantly on larger projects. Being able to make only one pass on a roof is a major advantage as compared to applying a base coat, allowing cure time, and then applying a top coat.

Less Material Needed on the Job

Because of the high solids content in PM HS silicone, you won’t need as much material on the job. Due to the single-coat application, you can get great coverage with roughly half the material compared to other, two-application coatings. This material savings, along with the labor savings, will help win more work as it will directly lead to an overall less expensive bid. Saving material saves money and PM HS silicone has helped save on numerous jobs!

No Pinholes or Mud Cracks

 The final benefit we’ll look at in this blog is the strength of PM HS silicone. Due to the impressive solids content in this silicone, you will not see any pinholes or mud cracks after the silicone cures. This is very important as these holes and cracks, although seemingly insignificant, will eventually lead to bigger issues. By alleviating this right off the bat, you can rest assured knowing the roof you just coated is protected for decades.”

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