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Kansas City Silicone Coatings

For Kansas City silicone coatings on your commercial or industrial roof, call now. Whether it is a new building or an existing one, we can protect it with the latest in roof coating technology. Get an ENERGY STAR cool roof that reduces your cooling costs and eliminates leaks. Take advantage of our 10-year warranty against leaks.

For Kansas City silicone coatings backed by superior service after the sale, Call toll free at 866-854-3689. We offer fast and free estimates

In Kansas City silicone coatings are ideal for new buildings or as a retrofit to an existing roofing system. You find them on many different kinds of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings with low slope or flat roofs:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Condo complexes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Strip malls
  • Churches
  • Car dealerships
  • What kind of building do you have?
  • Call now. We want to take care of you.

Facilities That Use Silicone Coatings

Silicone does not decompose because it is an inert material. This means that it does not react to things in the atmosphere, such as ozone and other pollutants; industrial chemicals; or to UV rays from the sun. This is what gives it such exceptional weathering ability and durability. Performs well in ponding conditions. It resists mold, mildew and staining.

Advantages Of Kansas City Silicone Coatings

When applied as a liquid, the coating dries to form a seamless, durable membrane. Adhesion to various substrates is outstanding.

  • Energy efficiency: You get a cool roof that is 87-89% reflective. This reduces cooling costs significantly. The rays of the sun are bounced back upward before they convert to heat on the surface. That reduces the heating that normally passes through to your interior. It is not unusual for customers to experience a 10% reduction in energy costs, with 30% savings not uncommon. Our product is ENERGY STAR rated cool roof technology.
  • Elastomeric: Our Kansas City silicone coatings maintain their elasticity – the surface does not crack or break – in the kinds of temperature extremes we experience here. This is why the products offer superior leak protection. Plus, thermal cycles are a primary reason why roofing systems degrade prematurely. With a protective top coat, the substrate holds up far longer. This is why new building owners and managers like it. Owners and managers of existing buildings have seen coatings extend the life of an existing roof for 10 years or longer. Call now to get specifics about your building.

More Reasons For Durability And Long Performance Life

  • Breathable membrane: None of the moisture that occurs naturally on the substrate can be trapped beneath the membrane. It breathes, and the moisture passes outward. This prevents degradation and rot of the substrate.
  • UV protection: Reflectivity also improves the service life of a roof. UV rays degrade building materials. But since nearly 90% of the sun’s rays are reflected away, the impact on building materials is minimal.

Proper Installation Matters

In Kansas City, silicone coatings may be advertised by a lot of roofing contractors. For them, it may be a side business. For us, it is a core focus, and so we are passionate about doing it right the first time. Because commercial coatings are our specialty, we know that the work of our crews will stand up and that your roof will perform as it was designed to do. That is how we are able to offer a ten-year leak free warranty.

Plus, if something happens, you can get me, the owner, on the phone. Customers say this is different from many other roofing contractors: a business owner who gives them personable response, quickly. If price, performance and responsiveness matter to you, call now.

For Kansas City silicone coatings, call toll free at 866-854-3689 now

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