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Renovating a Roof with GM Systems Inc.

Renovating a Roof with GM Systems Inc.

It may not be as glamorous as a new kitchen or sun room, but a roof renovation can mean the difference between a beautiful, safe home, and a shabby, leaky one. After all, the roof over your head protects you from the elements. Without a secure, strong roof, your other renovation projects (and the rest of the house) could be at risk.

1. Do you need a roof renovation?

Unless your living room is perpetually peppered with buckets catching leaks, or you hear your neighbors gossiping about your outdated roof, chances are you’ve probably never considered replacing it. Waiting until those leaks get worse though, or for other serious problems to arise can be a costly mistake. On the other hand, being proactive and replacing or repairing your roof can save you time, money, and frustration in the future.

2. How to find your Roofer/Contractor?

To make life easier, and make sure the job is done right, take the time up front to find a trusted contractor or roofer in your area. That’s where we come in, your trusted ally in all things roofing.

3. Would minor repairs be enough?

Do you need to completely replace your roof or would some repairs and refurbishment be sufficient?

Honestly, you might not know off the top of your head. That’s where we come in. We can get up there and help evaluate your roof.

Before you send anyone up a ladder though, ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Does your roof look old? Older, dirty, or discolored roofs may only need to be cleaned. However, discoloration can also be a sign of water damage, which could require a renovation.
  • Does your roof chronically leak? If you find yourself dealing with a leaky ceiling every season, it might be time to replace your roof.
  • Do you have heating and insulation issues? If your house has a hard time heating up, or you find air leaks, it may be time to renovate your roof and improve your insulation.

If we have decided you need a roof replacement, it’s time to think about what kind of new roof you’d like.

4. Which material is right for you?

Outside of choosing your roofer, selecting roof materials is maybe the second most important decision you’ll make when replacing your roof. Material choice affects the look and performance of your roof, and is the major indicator of total cost.

There are many materials to choose from, but keep in mind local building codes, styles, availability, roof angle, and your own budget may limit your choices. First things first, talk to your trusted roofer or contractor about what’s available and what materials could work for your roof.

It may also help to learn more about the materials out there before making any decisions:

  • Asphalt composition shingles – generally the least expensive and most widely used roofing material, these may not be the most stylish shingles, but they work for a variety of roof angles and styles.
  • Clay / concrete tile – overlapping concrete or clay tiles can be stylish and effective. Both have a long lifespan, require minimal maintenance, and offer natural insulation.
  • Wood shingles / shake – a high-quality but expensive choice, wood shingles or shake offers a beautiful, natural look, even as it ages, and can last up from 30-50 years, if properly maintained. These might not be available in your state.
  • Metal roofing – a durable and versatile choice, metal roofs come in many styles, and are fairly maintenance-free. Metal roofing is hard to come by though, is one of the more expensive materials, and may also be susceptible to denting.
  • Slate roofing – stone slate offers a natural, rustic style along with natural waterproof, fireproof, and insulating qualities. It is fairly heavy and expensive though.
  • Composition slate – made of recycled synthetics, this material is a lightweight, more affordable, and less slippery substitute for true slate roofing.

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