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Our commercial roofing company in Wichita will restore or repair your roof with little or no disruption of your daily business. You can have your metal, asphalt, built-up or other system in working order without breaking your budget and without the inconvenience of removal and replacement of your existing rooftop. Call now to get an innovative coating applied.

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Coatings Restore Your Roof Without Interrupting Your Business

As a commercial roofing company in Wichita, we understand that you are concerned it will be a hassle for you to have your leaky, damaged or aging commercial or industrial roof fixed. You may be concerned about meeting deadlines, contractual obligations, and production quotas while the work is being done. Practically speaking, you know that removal and full replacement is likely to threaten conducting business normally, when portions or all of your building will be exposed to the elements.

  • With coatings, you avoid rearranging schedules and enduring department downtime – while solving problems and extending the useful life of your current roofing system.
  • You can be certain that your employees, special equipment, production machinery and inventory all remain protected from the elements.
  • We specialize in working with owners of industrial production and storage facilities; warehouses; and other commercial properties. So we know how to orchestrate our work around our clients’ schedules.

Our commercial roofing company in Wichita specializes in performing remediation services. This allows you to continue making money, while your repairs are taking place. By making use of the existing roofing surface, the inconvenience of having to shut down your facility – or individual areas – is eliminated.

Innovative, Cost Effective Coatings

  • Silicone is the elastomeric, innovative and affordable options for repairing and restoring your roof. They cost far less per square foot to apply than replacement, and provide unmatchable waterproof protection.
  • Coatings are Energy Star approved and can reduce your company’s energy expense for interior cooling by up to 40%, which means that your investment will actually wind up paying for itself over time.
  • Contact our commercial roofing company in Wichita, if your system is leaking when it rains, has been damaged by storms or is simply in need of remediation services to bring it back up to code.

Silicone Coatings Really Work

  • Lightweight, durable and guaranteed to provide water and airtight protection for up to 10 years
  • Cost effective and applied directly to the surface of your existing system
  • Guaranteed to adhere to a variety of materials such as asphalt, concrete, metal and wood
  • UV resistant and reflect up to 89% of the sun’s rays, creating a “cool roof” that contributes to interior energy efficiency
  • Excellent insulators and rated with an R-Value of 7 per inch of applied material
  • Fire resistant, Energy Star rated and capable of helping you save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs
  • Applied in monolithic and seamless layers that seal minute cracks and potential leaks, before they become problematic
  • You have found the commercial roofing company in Wichita that will provide you with professional and courteous service. Call today and schedule your free estimate!

Restore reliability to your roofing system affordably. Silicone coatings can restore the integrity of your system without interfering with your operations. Call today. We’re glad to hear from you!

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