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The Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Roof Repair Company To Fix Your Roof

Hiring a commercial roof repair specialist

Address your aging, damaged or leaking roofing system can save you money. For example, an all-out replacement of a metal system can be costly. Commercial costs can save you material costs and we can save you time as well. With materials and installation of a new roof costing as much as $125.00 per square foot, hiring GM systems to repair you roof can save you a great deal of money with our roof coatings.
Roof coatings are just a fraction of the cost of installing or patching a new roof. Roof coatings from GM systems can fully restore and extend the life of your roof.

On the Practicality of getting Roof Coating instead of Roof Replacement

Investing in an all out replacement of your rooftop may not be practical for your business or your budget. Using the example of metal roofing, a brand new installation on an industrial property measuring only 50 feet by 75 feet (3,750 square feet) could cost more than $470,000.00. In addition to this princely sum, you will also need to consider the losses that you will incur as a result of having to bring your daily business operations to a halt in order to accommodate the demolition of your old roof and the installation of your new one. It’s not always possible to continue conducting your day to day business, when there are contractors working over head.

If you recognize that Time Is Money then Roof Coatings are for you

A commercial roof repair with roof coatings is far more cost-effective than a full rooftop replacement as well as far more convenient. Remediation services can be performed with little to no disruption to your company’s regularly scheduled activities and that means that you not only save money in material costs but also stay in operation while your repair work is being performed. Unlike full replacement projects, remediation does not require that your old roofing materials be removed. In fact, your existing rooftop serves as the foundation for the silicone coating that you choose.

Energy Savings from Roof Coatings make Roof Coatings pay for themselves

Our commercial roof repair services are performed using state of the art materials that are both lightweight and energy efficient. Silicone coating applications are reflective, so that they often reduce indoor cooling utility expenses by up to 40%. In time they wind up paying for themselves through energy savings. For an excellent return on your investment, contact GM systems and ask about our free estimates today.

Spray Coatings reduce Commercial Waste saving Money and the Environment

Spray coatings reduce the amount of waste and scrap materials that wind up in landfills, because they make use of the existing roofing materials. Spray coatings can also have the added benefit of reducing energy consumption and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the buildings upon which they are applied. As spray coatings can save you money, buying green doesn’t mean spending extra money.

Contact GM Systems to learn more about Spray Coatings and Save Money

A qualified roofing repair contractor can inspect your existing industrial, commercial or institutional roof system and help you determine which remediation options best suit your needs. Do you need to make improvements to your roof? Would you like to save money? Contact GM systems today to talk to a commercial roof repair specialist!

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