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Waterproof Roofing in Wichita

Get waterproof roofing in Wichita at the right price, with superior after-the-sale service, and the peace of mind that a 10 year leak-free warranty gives you. Call now for a free estimate. Roof coatings give you the water protection you need – on a new roof or as a cost-effective retrofit to an existing system.

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Seams Leak. Coatings Eliminate Seams

The only waterproof roofing in Wichita is seamless roofing. That’s what you get from a coating. It will be sprayed on the surface as a liquid, and then it will dry to form a uniform, monolithic surface with no seams. Not even at penetrations or walls. Coatings are self-flashing, which eliminates another major source of leaks. Your entire building surface will be sealed and protected.

Any Low Slope Or Flat Roof

There is a coating for virtually any type of existing substrate or new surface. Call now whether you have asphalt, concrete, built-up (BUR), clay tile, metal, wood or gravel.

We Specialize In Two Types Of Waterproof Roofing In Wichita

  1. Silicone coating – the latest in technology
  2. MR systems – coating specially for metal roofing


This is the latest technology for waterproof roofing in Wichita. Silicone offers exceptional leak protection and more. A silicone coating is highly reflective. This gives you two benefits.

  • First, you get a substantial reduction in cooling costs from a reflective surface that deflects UV rays before the heat can pass through to your interior.
  • Second, UV damages building materials, causing them to degrade over time. A reflective coating protects new and existing substrates from this damage.

Silicone is also elastomeric. Its elasticity enables expansion and contraction in temperature cycles so that it never cracks. No breaks in the surface=no leaks! Silicone itself cannot degrade from pollutants or sun exposure.

Metal Roofing Mr System

Turn durable metal into waterproof roofing in Wichita with a coating engineered especially for metal.

  • In fact, a coating eliminates much of the downside to metal – leak points such as seams and fasteners. It solves wind lift issues. And it takes hot metal and makes it a cool roof. If you have a metal system, make it work harder for you.
  • The preparation involves applying fabric and sealer to each seam. Every fastener is specially caulked. If a rust inhibiting primer is called for, we apply it. Repairs are performed on existing surfaces as needed. Finally, the coating itself is sprayed on.

Environmentally Safe And Earth Friendly

Coatings do not harm the environment, and in fact they are considered sustainable and environmentally sound. They eliminate the need for tear off of an existing substrate. This reduces landfill waste. By lowering energy costs, they have earned the ENERGY STAR rating.

Want to learn more about coatings for a new or existing roof system? Call toll free now at 866-854-3689.

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