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We repair all types of commercial roofs

When your roof is worn out or leaking, there’s no need to tear off the top of your building, exposing your business to the elements for days and disrupting your operations. Replacing a roof is a messy, time-consuming, and expensive process.

We have a better way to restore your roof

GM Systems fixes your roof and makes it better than new. Our unique silicone roofing system completely seals your leaky roof – quickly, without tearing off the old surface. Plus, our certified, insured roofing company also provides a full (not pro-rated) 20-year warranty!

The price of our silicone roof coating is typically half the cost of traditional roof replacement.


Our Process

Our innovative, long-lasting, multi-step, watertight, spray-on roof coating seals your roof in as little as one day.

To begin the process, request an in-person assessment today so we can quickly provide a quote and schedule your project.

1.  We patch holes and replace rusted panels.
2.  We remove any debris or loose gravel.
3.  We seal all of the fasteners, seams, and roof penetrations (pipes and vents).
4.  We spray the entire roof with a high-solids silicone coating to tie everything together and create one seamless surface.

Commercial roofers serving your industry

With more than 20 years of experience, we have provided professional commercial roof restoration to hundreds of happy clients.

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Apartment complexes
  • Barns and other farm buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing plants
  • And more

We restore all types of commercial roofs

Each type of roofing material leaks for a different reason. GM Systems’ commercial roof repair service solves all of these problems!

  • TPO roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin) is the most common and often the most expensive type of smooth flat roofing. The sections are mechanically fastened, and the fasteners may leak over time. A heat gun is sometimes employed during installation, and if the worker moves too fast it results in a “cold weld” joint which may leak.
  • Mod-Bit roofing (modified-bitumen) is a textured asphalt roofing material. Although hail can damage this shingle-like material, the seams tend to be the source of leaks.
  • Metal roofing comes in panels. The neoprene washers may erode over time, and the horizontal seams may fail, allowing water leaks.
  • Gravel roofing is sealed with tar and is less popular these days.

Environmentally Friendly

Our silicone roof coating is sprayed on top of your existing roof, so we don’t haul a truckload of construction waste off to the landfill. And you can re-apply another spray-on coating in the future, so you may never have to tear off and replace your roof.

Additionally, the high-solids silicone is “low VOC,” so it doesn’t produce smelly fumes like roofing tar and other common construction materials.

Silicone roof coatings are also highly reflective, so you’ll have an energy-efficient “cool roof” that may reduce energy use in your building.

The easy choice in commercial roofing companies

  • We’re certified by our silicone manufacturer.
  • We’re insured to protect our workers, your property, and your business.
  • We back our work with a full, 20-year, materials-and-labor warranty.
  • Owner Greg Stierwalt has been working in the roofing industry since 1999.

Roofers for all types of commercial roof repair

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