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We seal all types of commercial roofs

With Less Cost
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The Best Commercial Roof Repair Company in the Region

We can fix your roof and make it better than new (without the need to completely replace it). Our unique commercial roof repair system completely seals your leaky roof – quickly, without the cost, mess, and disruption of tearing off the old roof. Plus our certified, insured roofing company also provides a full (not pro-rated) 20-year warranty on each full-roof sealant system!

GM Systems retrofits any type of commercial roof – faster, with less cost, and a better warranty than traditional roofers. We can also handle smaller repairs on flat roofs and slow slope roofs. Call us today for a free on-site inspection and quick estimate.

Commercial Roofers Serving MO, KS, & AR

Roofing service area map: southwest Missouri, eastern Kansas, and northwest Arkansas
With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve provided professional commercial roof restoration to hundreds of schools, churches, apartments, farms, office buildings, retail stores, and manufacturing plants. We travel daily to communities throughout:

Faster, Better Commercial Roof Restoration

Traditional roofers park a giant dumpster on your property, make a huge mess, disrupt your business for days, and leave you with a huge bill. We do things better! Our innovative, long-lasting, multi-step, watertight, spray-on roof coating seals your roof in as little as one day. Request an in-person assessment today, so we can quickly provide a quote and schedule your project.

A worker applying a spray-on silicone roof coating.

1.  We patch holes and replace rusted panels.
2.  We remove any debris or loose gravel.
3.  We seal all fasteners, seams, and roof penetrations (pipes and vents).
4.  We spray the entire roof with a high-solids silicone coating to tie everything together and create one seamless surface.

Our Silicone Roofing System vs Traditional Roof Replacement

A crew of roofers spraying a silicone roof coating on a flat roofYou don’t have to go through the time-consuming, messy, and expensive process of replacing the entire roof surface. We can give your building a 20-year roof quickly, without interrupting your workday. And the price of our silicone roof coating is typically half the cost of traditional roof replacement.

We repair and restore all types of commercial roofs:

Upgrade Your Roof

Our silicone roof coating goes on top of your existing roof. The modern material is “low VOC,” so it doesn’t have a foul odor like tar and other common construction materials. Silicone roof coatings are also highly reflective, so you’ll have an energy-efficient “cool roof” that may reduce energy use in your building. And you can also apply another spray-on coating in the future, so you may never have to tear off and replace your roof again.

Certified, insured, experienced commercial roof contractors with a 20-year warranty!

GM Systems is the easy choice among commercial roofing companies because: