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An Alternative to Replacing Your Commercial Roof

An Alternative to Replacing Your Commercial Roof

If the roofing system of your commercial or industrial facility has been damaged or is reaching the end of its performance life, consider applying silicone. These applications are proven and cost-effective methods of extending the performance life of your existing surface. Ranging from $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot, they are far more economical than brand new installations.

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Spray-Applied Roof Coatings Mean Less Interruption to Your Business

Why replace your business’s roof if it isn’t necessary? Why halt business operations when a coating can be applied while you work? Commercial roof coating allows you to have your roof fixed with little or no interruption to your daily business.

Roof Coatings can Save Your Wichita Business Money in Energy Costs

We’ve already mentioned that roof coatings cost less in both materials and labor than commercial roof replacement. Savings, I might add, that GM systems passes on to you. Roof coatings, however, also save money in energy costs. A wise selection of roof coatings can increase the reflectivity of your roof and increase insulation saving you money on both cooling and heating.

Roof Coatings Protect your Business From Fire in Wichita

No one likes to even think that there business is at risk from fire but the truth is that, fire is always a risk in a city like Wichita. We all know about the seasonal wildfires and the risks they bring but it is also worth considering the risk of fires spreading from other residential and commercial buildings. Fire resistant roof coatings can reduce the risk of fire spreading to your commercial building. Talk to GM systems to find out more about how roof coatings can protect your business.

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