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Leaking Roof Repair in Kansas City

If you need leaking roof repair in Kansas City, call now for a roof coating. You can get another 10 years of leak free service out of your flat; low slope; or metal roof – guaranteed. It is ideal for most surfaces including asphalt, built-up, clay tile, concrete, metal, and gravel. If you have a leak problem with your commercial or industrial building, get it coated. Call now.

How else can you get a 10-year warranty on leaking roof repair in Kansas City?
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Don’t Get It Patched – Get It Coated For Extended Life

When you trust leaking roof repair in Kansas City to us, you end the threat of new leaks during KC’s rains and thaws. You have two extremely cost effective options:

  1. A silicone coating sprayed on your flat roofing system
  2. A coating for metal – MR system

Retrofit What You Have – Avoid The Interruption Of Construction

If you need leaking roof repair in Kansas City, you already have a problem that may be getting in the way of your commercial or industrial operation. By choosing a coating, you avoid the mess of tear off and the cost of disposal. You won’t have to put up with skipjacks on the property or supply trucks coming in and out. In fact, the work does not require a large crew.

  • No Interruption: One of the big benefits of choosing a coating is that your operation does not need to be interrupted while we are on top of your building. The spray is safe and the work is contained to a small area by our skilled crew.
  • Silicone is sprayed as a liquid. The product expands and dries to form a uniform barrier that adheres 100%. It will seal cracks and imperfections in the existing surface. You can walk on it as soon as it dries.

What Are The Benefits To You Of A Coating?

Leaking roof repair in Kansas City can become part of the broader upgrade that you want. Think of it as a replacement, not just a fix, at a significantly lower cost per square foot than you could ever get new. Coatings are:

  • Seamless. No places to form new leaks ever again
  • Self-flashing. Many leaks occur at HVAC joints, parapets and other penetration points
  • No fasteners. No nail or screw holes to leak
  • Lightweight. You add no significant load to your building
  • Wind uplift resistant. No seams, no joints, no breaks for wind to get up and under
  • Fire rated. FM approved
  • Easily repaired. If an accident breaks the surface, it can be spot repaired

Excellent R Value And Reflectivity

No other leaking roof repair in Kansas City can improve your building and your bottom line. If you are a building owner, facility manager or maintenance director, you can reclaim some of your costs through energy savings. The products we offer have some of the highest insulating value per square inch that you can get from a roofing system. Plus they are reflective. They bounce away the rays of the sun, preventing the heat from being absorbed and being transferred to your interior. Our products are energy star rated.

Do You Have A Metal Roofing System?

Metal leaking roof repair in Kansas City involves surface preparation including fixing any damage, application of a rust inhibitor if needed, application of a fabric and coating to the existing seams, and cap sealing and caulking.

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