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Reflective Roofing in Wichita

With reflective roofing in Wichita, you can lower your cooling costs by up to 40%. You have found the specialist in coatings that add reflectivity to a new or existing roof. It’s simple. Heat that is reflected off of the top of your building cannot pass through to the interior. Get the simple solution. Call now for a ten year no leak warranty.

Do business with a contractor you can always get on the phone. For reflective roofing in Wichita, call 866-854-3689 now toll free.

Commercial And Industrial Reflective Roofing In Wichita

Coatings are ideal for any flat or low slope system. Call now for expert analysis of the type of coating that will work best for your building and substrate.

  • Silicone
  • MR system for metal

There is a coating for nearly all types of roofing materials – asphalt, gravel, metal, BUR, concrete and more. Get a free estimate fast. Call now.

Why Reflectivity Has Revolutionized The Industry

Reflective roofing in Wichita summers has proven to be very effective at cutting energy costs. Depending on the product you choose, you can expect 85% to 89% reflectivity.

  • Far less heat generated at the surface: On average, only one in ten UV rays that hits the surface remains there long enough to convert to heat.
  • Cool roof technology: Surface temps can be reduced by 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is how the term “cool roof” was coined. The surface stays significantly cooler even in a broiling Kansas summer.
  • Cooling demand drops: ENERGY STAR estimates peak cooling demand can drop 10%-15%. When the surface does not heat up, there is significantly less transference of the heat through the substrate and into your interior.
  • No winter penalty: A study by Columbia University found that owners of buildings with white roofs did not pay an energy cost “winter penalty” compared with a black surface.

Reflective Roofing In Wichita Can Pay For Itself

The products we offer are ENERGY STAR rated. You can cut your energy costs by an average of 10% to 30%. In today’s economy and energy cost inflationary environment, those savings move straight to the bottom line. It is not unusual for a roof coating to pay for itself in energy savings long before the service life has ended. The payback begins immediately.

How Coatings Work

When you want reflective roofing in Wichita, coatings are the simple solution.

  • They are sprayed onto a surface that has been specially prepared or atop new materials
  • No tear off of existing materials is required
  • The coating covers uniformly and dries seamlessly
  • It is self flashing
  • Coatings are lightweight and add no additional burden to the building

You Get Outstanding Waterproofing

The key is the fact that the surface will be seamless. When there are no breaks, fasteners, seams or joints exposed to the elements, the elements won’t get in. Coatings are elastomeric, and so they remain free of cracks or breaks. They “flex” with the substrate as temperatures fluctuate. In the event that airborne storm debris punctures the surface, you can have it spot repaired. The uniform surface inhibits problems with wind lift. It is clearly the all-weather solution.

Why Do Business With Us?

Our customers have found us to be most favorable in price, in responsiveness, and in after the sale service. When you call, you will be dealing with a hands-on owner whom you can reach and who returns calls. Apparently this is not always the case with contractors. It is ALWAYS the case at this company.

We understand that you are a busy property manager or maintenance supervisor. You may be an owner of several properties. Get treated with respect. And get the money saving roof you need.

Let a free, fast estimate be your first example of our responsiveness. Call 866-854-3689 now toll free for reflective roofing in Wichita.

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