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Restore Parapets Walls While Fixing Your Roof

Restore Parapets Walls While Fixing Your Roof

Many business owners don’t give much thought to parapet walls. Parapet walls, in case you don’t know, are those wall-like barriers around the roof of your building. While parapet walls were originally used to defend a building when under siege, they are still very useful today for protecting your building from damage by fire.

Dealing with the restoration of a parapet wall can be as simple as incorporating “the fix” into the renewal of your roofing system itself. If you invest in roof coating, the parapets can be coated easily, too. The result is a self-flashing, protective layer that shields the low walls from decay, just as with the roof surface.

Ignoring the Parapet of Your Commercial Building Can Cost Money

The most vulnerable element of a parapet wall is its top, which needs to be capped, in order to prevent moisture from penetrating into the internal structure and working spaces of the building. Stone, clay, concrete and metal caps can be utilized to protect the wall’s top. However, over time, masonry caps will begin to crack, due to thermal expansion and contraction. Metal caps will begin to lose their grip – so to speak – due to their inability to cope with the natural sway of the building upon which they are fitted.

On How Restoring your Parapet Wall With Roof Coating Works

The best solution to restoring a parapet wall is to repair any major structural issues and then have it coated. Silicone coatings can be used to coat and seal cracked and loosened top caps, sides, and to seal up any disintegrating flashing in the corners of the roofing system, where the rooftop and the parapet meet.

By sealing the parapet wall and incorporating it into the coated surface of the rooftop, you get the best possible waterproofing and weather protection. This is because the surface membrane produced by silicone coatings is seamless. Coatings create a monolithic layer of coverage that seals and eliminates the vulnerable points of entry where water might otherwise find its way into your property.

The Advantages of Using Roof Coating for Parapet Restoration

Because they are applied as liquids, silicone coatings are able to penetrate into all of the nooks and crannies of a rooftop, including material seams, rivet holes and fissures that cannot even be seen with the naked eye. Most importantly, in terms of parapets, they are able to penetrate into the corner joints, where the wall and rooftop meet, and create a durable, long wearing watertight seal.

Roof Coatings are a Cost-Effective way to Restore Your Parapet

Contemporary coatings can be used to restore a parapet wall and to breathe new life back into an ailing roofing system. For this reason, they have become incredibly popular with commercial property owners, because they are not only an effective alternative to an all out roof replacement but they are also budget-friendly.

Are you interested in restoring your parapet? Talk to GM Systems about what roof coatings can do for your commercial business.

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