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The Best Coatings for Metal

The best coatings for metal roofs is silicone. They extend the life of the flat and low-sloped surfaces common to commercial buildings. Flat surfaces tend to retain rainwater and heat. A coated metal roof will keep equipment and furnishings dry and will make interiors more comfortable.

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A metal roof offers durability and strength at affordable prices for commercial uses. However, it can corrode over time at seams and intrusions such as screws and fasteners. A protective layer has many benefits – keeping out moisture, lowering energy costs and resisting the elements.

The Best Coatings For Metal Are Elastomeric

Elastomeric coatings are, as the name implies, elastic. This is important in regions where temperatures fluctuate greatly from season to season. Coatings have proven ability to keep out damaging moisture. Elastomeric coatings can be sprayed onto any flat or low sloped metal roof.

Elastomerics are one of the best coatings for metal because as the substrate expands and contracts according to the temperature, the elastic top coat moves with it. It does not become hard or brittle and is not prone to the kind of cracking that allows moisture to seep in. Even if ponding occurs on a flat surface, the water will be sealed out. Coatings are also highly effective at preventing powerful winds from catching under seams and lifting panels. Most are white, or light colored, making them reflective, which cuts energy costs. This reflectivity comprises “cool roof” technology. According to recent ENERGY STAR product ratings, the finished application can cut surface temperatures by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • GM Systems offers a 10-year leak-free warranty on elastomeric coatings.


Silicone is a naturally based application that is non-reactive to pollution, UV rays and industrial substances. Its ability to weather the elements makes it highly resistant to mold, stains, chemicals and mildew. It adheres well to galvanized metal and will not decompose.

Silicone is among the most effective applications because it is nearly 90 percent reflective. This translates into energy reduction costs averaging 10 to 30 percent, according to the ENERGY STAR organization.

Metal Roof Restoration

  • Before a coating is applied to metal, the surface is repaired, cleaned and restored. All seams are covered with roofing fabric and a sealant, and all fasteners are caulked.

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